Gait Analysis

Gait Analysis and Shoe Fitting are services we provide in store and are the perfect way to find the shoes that are best suited to you. There are different ways of analysing your gait and this can be done in different new pairs of footwear, barefoot, or in your current shoes to see how they are working for you
It is not just runners who can benefit from Gait Analysis. The right pair of shoes can help to support and cushion the foot better and minimise risk of injury.
Cost: There is a charge of £15 for our Gait Analysis service, however this £15 charge will be deducted from the price of any running shoes which are purchased afterwards, they also don't need to be purchased at the same time, just bring back your receipt from the Gait Analysis at anytime when purchasing shoes and we will deduct the cost of your analysis from your shoe purchase.
Video Analysis: This involved having a walk/run on our instore treadmill which is recorded by a high speed camera from behind, these clips are then slowed down to analyse the gait and any changes that can be made.
Observational Analysis: Not everyone wants to or can run on a treadmill, so an Observational Analysis is another option. This involves using our heat sensor foot scanner to analyse arch and ankle position before having a short walk in store where we can visually observe your gait. This will allow us to see how the full body moves and assess how different shoes will work best for your requirements.

A Friendly Chat: Everybody is different and have different requirements. By having a chat and asking the right questions, gathering the necessary information from customers, we will be able to assess what has worked well for you and what has not, allowing us to determine your requirements and what exactly you need from your new shoe.
No booking required given a member of staff is available, please allow 30 minutes for an analysis.